We Focus on Serving, Not Solving

The constant and chaotic pace of change activates even the strongest leaders' and organizations' base survival instincts. The reactive choices of "fight or flight" often lead to surviving, but rarely to thriving.  JCD Advisors coaches and consultants challenge you to go beyond those survival tactics and truly be intentional about your desired outcomes.   We partner to challenge you to look deeply at current thinking, the behaviors that flow from that thinking and the results of those behaviors.

Our commitment is to “serving, not solving”.  

  • We believe in your wisdom and work diligently to bring it forth.  
  • We believe in your response-ability (your ability to make intentional choices) and support you in making and keeping commitments.
  • We believe in your capability to learn, grow and innovate and challenge you to create new mind sets and skill sets. 

We are in service to you.   Click below for a graphic that further describes the coaching process and our roles.