Optimal Performance Requires Alignment


Culture Shaping

“We've invested strategically, we've improved operations, but we can't sustain momentum...”

Culture is the unwritten “way we do things around here." Culture can be a powerful catalyst for or a nearly impenetrable barrier against change efforts. Unfortunately, it is frequently underestimated as organizations implement strategy and operational efficiencies.

JCD Advisors brings proven tools and techniques for evaluating and shaping this key element of organizational performance. From objective assessment tools to skillful observation to recommendations for pulling the tangible levels of culture, we help you clearly see the current culture, define the desired culture and start closing the gaps.


Organizational Design

“We were supposed to see efficiencies after this merger, where are they...?”

Many problems with execution are a function of poor organizational design. The symptoms are easier to see:

  • “Shadow” decision making processes
  • Duplication of efforts resulting in conflict or  reduced productivity
  • Unproductive or repetitive meetings
  • High turnover in middle management
  • Confusion among front line employees about priorities and their role in them

JCD Advisors evaluates core business processes, roles/responsibilities, use of teams, and even specific meeting effectiveness to understand how these support or detract from strategy execution. We help you realign or create new structures to best support your desired future. 


Strategy Execution

“We keep talking about results, but we can't seem to get any traction on implementation....”

Most organizations do not suffer from a lack of strategies. Rather, they are often overwhelmed by the number of strategies to choose from or already committed to or the continuous urge to change priorities in response to external demands. 

JCD Advisors encourages leaders to take a dual approach. At one end, we help you step back and "re-ground" in your mission and vision. At the other, we offer strong process tools to bring more discipline and rigor to your leadership methods. We ask the hard questions, bring alternative perspectives and challenge you to test long-held assumptions, leaving you with mechanisms to monitor progress and hold accountability over time.