Proud to Have Helped Navigate Change

JCD Advisors did a wonderful job in helping our complex organization develop a shared understanding of our current culture and a common vision of our desired future state. Her ability to assist senior leadership to lead differently in bringing tradition & stability closer to empowerment and adaptation will pay great dividends for our organization as we innovate for the future.
— Chief Executive Officer, Mid-size Integrated Health System, Midwest
Janet is a brilliant strategist/advisor, consultant, project manager, facilitator and coach wrapped into one dynamic individual. She approaches her assignments with passion and creativity. Janet is always focused on adding value and providing the best possible solutions and outcomes for her clients.
— CEO - National Health System, West
The best event moderator and coach I’ve ever worked with, bar none. I only wish I could hire her today to handle most of our meetings.
— CEO, National Healthcare Coalition, East Coast
It has been my extreme pleasure and good fortune to have you as my coach. Thank you for the invaluable lessons you taught me about being a more effective and efficient leader. You helped me understand myself to a much greater degree than I had really known before.
— Senior Academic Surgery Leader, Midwest
People have noticed and commented on the changes I’ve made. In the past I was quick to react and now I’m able to address issues more thoughtfully. My boss has told me that he felt it was a good investment, as a result of my progress. I absolutely recommend this to leaders no matter where they are in their careers. It is almost therapeutic, with one-on-one coaching from professionals that provide insight and tools to help you see where you are strong and plus how and where to grow.
— Chief Surgical Services Officer, Regional Health System - South
JCD Advisors has been an invaluable partner, with an incredibly broad repertoire of services – from individual consultancy, to professional coaching, to surveys of institutional culture. Janet Dombrowski, has the highest professional standards and tons of practical, real-world experience
— Academic Surgery Leader, Midwest
Working with Janet is always an energizing and highly productive experience, whether it’s ‘one-on-one’ or in a group. She quickly and accurately synthesizes inputs, adeptly integrates learnings from her broad knowledge base, and articulately poses key questions that are critical to the desired process and/or outcome. I’ve worked with Janet in many settings with challenging groups and difficult agendas and have always been impressed by the extraordinary effectiveness of her interactions.
— Chief Operating Officer - Regional Operations of International Non-profit Organization, East Coast
Janet is a consummate professional and a skillful guide who provided both the structure and tools needed, to assess where I was, to develop goals and decision making capabilities and to help me chart my future course of action. As a busy sole proprietor, I found the regular coaching sessions a phenomenal tool for keeping me focused and proactive. The entire experience was invaluable and enhanced my life personally and professionally. I recommend Janet to every busy executive I know!
— President, Federal Government Relations Firm, East Coast
You need to know that Janet is the main reason for the success of this engagement because she has a unique ability to visualize HOW to synthesize our insights into the program for the team sessions. Moreover, her strategy mind really facilitated [a very challenging topic] such that, literally in 90 minutes, the team redesigned it and she captured it all. It’s really fun working together with her!
— Colleague & Partner for Facilitating Team Sessions
It was a wonderful experience and I am very thankful for all your coaching and support and to my boss and the health system for the opportunity.  I believe it changed me as a person and a leader, which in turn has been valuable to my hospital and the health system as a whole.
— Hospital Chief Nursing Officer, Regional Health System -South
My experience with JCD Advisors in a variety of settings has been extraordinary. They have helped to work with teams and executives needing formation and coaching with greatly improved outcomes as well as facilitating strategic planning sessions with diverse constituents under less than ideal circumstances. Janet Dombrowski is hard-working, effective and can easily relate to people at all levels of the organization with a sense of humor and a zest for life and her work that creates enduring and effective change.
— Former Health System CEO & Healthcare Consulting Practice Leader, Midwest
What I appreciate the most about Janet is her unflinching candidness, her long term persistence and focus, and her commitment to NWTC’s success in meeting the educational goals of its students.
NWTC’s long term relationship with JCD Advisors has yielded a strong executive team that engages in productive conflict, innovative thinking, and outstanding, nationally recognized performance.
— Dr. H. Jeffrey Rafn, President -Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
As I look back on the last year, I want you to know that with you asking great questions and challenging me to think deeper (beyond just reacting) I have had a year of learning and growth! While some of the lessons appeared more painful in the moment than others, I can truly say I have grown and I am feeling more centered, resilient,
and eager to proceed with the year ahead.
— Hospital Chief Nurse Executive, National Health System -West

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