Healthy teams lead healthy organizations


High Performing Teams

“We are all committed to the success of our departments, but we just can't seem to come together as a leadership team...”

With increasing performance expectations, leaders can hunker down and narrow their field of vision to their own departments, strengthening silos, and overlooking the synergy of a more coordinated team effort.

JCD Advisors uses a team coaching approach to build the team 'from the inside out'. We help groups understand their collective strengths and blindspots and how to flex to be effective in the widest range of situations. With this strong base of trust, teams can engage in the productive conflict, effective decision making and collective accountability that produce the best results.


Productive Conflict

“We don't ever talk about the tough topics in the meetings.  We are too 'nice' and then there are always 'meetings after the meetings...”

Poorly managed conflict is the biggest drain on productivity, engagement and innovation for individuals, teams and organizations.

JCD Advisors works to challenge strongly held mindsets and build new skill sets to turn arguments or artificial harmony into effective, productive disagreement.  Through group experiences and individual reflection, we create an atmosphere where team members become aware of their unproductive behaviors and learn to harness the power of  the diverse points to create better solutions and build stronger teams.

Complex Meeting Facilitation

“This is a really challenging strategy. How are we ever going to get this diverse group aligned and ready for implementation...?”

Leading in volatile and chaotic environments can sap the energy of even the most effective leaders. Even in high performing organizations, there are occasional issues or situations that are so complex or divisive that expert facilitation support is the only solution. 

JCD Advisors coaches and consultants have the breadth of experience and the depth of tools to help clarify the issues, identify the key stakeholders, shape the key questions, craft a productive process and adeptly facilitate these high stakes conversations.