Every leader wants to be a great leader - we help you unleash your potential

C-Suite Executives

“Why hasn't anyone ever told me this before?  These 360 results are not what I expected... ”

The adage "it's lonely at the top" can be all too true for many senior executives. Getting honest feedback on your performance and opportunities for improvement are rare. Often the behaviors and competencies that got you to the highest levels of the organization are the ones that no longer serve you well, but you may be the last one to know.

JCD Advisors coaches work in this counter-intuitive space with our senior executive clients, partnering with you to challenge your thinking and behaviors. With a variety of tools and techniques, we help you build new insights and personal strategies so you can continue to effectively lead others with through the ups and downs of chaotic environments.


Physician Leaders

“All of my years of education and training didn't prepare me for this at all...”

You're excited to take on a greater role in leading the clinical enterprise, but you are feeling anxious and unprepared for this new challenge.

Mark Twain said, "Don't let schooling interfere with your education."  This can be exactly the issue for new physician leaders. We know you are incredible learners and our coaches are excited to be with you on this new learning path.  We work with you to become more self-aware, understand the value and drawbacks of your lens on the world,  build on your strengths and learn new skills.  The combination of your passion for patients with your enhanced leadership perspective, makes you exactly what the demanding healthcare industry needs.

On-boarding New Leaders

“I want to make the most of this new opportunity.   I could use some support...”

Brining new leaders into key positions offers the greatest opportunity for growth and the biggest risk of failure.  Often significant time and financial resources are spent to find the "right" person for the position, but all too often that new leader is left to struggle to make their own way in the role and/or organization.

JCD Advisors believes coaching is the best way to maximize the investment and capture the synergy from a new leader's contributions.  We help new leaders get focused and be intentional about their entry.  We support them through the tumult of role clarification, expectation setting, and understanding team and culture dynamics.  

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